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Our job is to carry our students’ dreams into the future!
CLN Education”, the foundations of which were laid in 2011, is an education consultancy platform that brings international students together with their dream professions. EDI consulting services with a diploma who want to study abroad to come to Turkey in the framework of the demands of the expert team, or anyone wishing to study abroad go to Turkey and institutional links carries the highest quality.

In addition to facilitating the progress of students towards becoming world citizens, it also contributes to the internationalization strategy of our country.

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3 Years Education Experience

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CLN in 3 Years Education

Our company has been operating in the field of education consultancy in various countries of the world for 3 years. All kinds of subjects that are curious about the higher education system of various countries are conveyed to students by expert staff.








Guarantee of Acceptance


Within the scope of the internationalization strategy of Turkish Higher Education, our universities increase the acquisition of qualified international students and accelerate the orientation of Turkish higher education from the “social, cultural, national” area to the international field with the dimensions of education, research and social service and to ensure scientific cooperation.


By providing international students wishing to study in Turkey in a wide spectrum ranging from science and art to technology and sports to do original research and executive education for their respected at the national and international levels and leading young people to gain the Turkish higher education.